In the last article, we were talking about the most common mistakes sellers make when trying to sell their home. We identified the top mistake as Overpricing the home. Number two on the list is Showing Availability. Many sellers simply make it difficult for buyers to view their home. The chance of selling your home when buyers cannot get in to view and inspect it are very small. Buyers, just like sellers have jobs and other time commitments. They might only be able to view homes during the evenings or weekends or other times that may not be convenient to the sellers. Sellers must realize that potential buyers must be able to view their home and if they cannot they will move on to other homes. The more buyers that can view your home, the more chance you have of selling it. The third most common mistake sellers make is refusing to remove clutter and depersonalize their home. Serious sellers need to realize that by removing clutter and personalized items from their home, they allow the buyer to visualize their own items in the home and see the potential it has for decorating to their taste. Of course, it’s an inconvenience for the seller to remove items they are comfortable with or have some attachment too, but if a seller is serious, they must realize that having too much clutter in their home, makes rooms feel smaller and cramped. Personalized items, although special to seller, may distract or detract from the room. These distractions may prevent the buyer from seeing the true potential. For more information on this article or information on Buying or Selling, visit us at