In the next few articles we will concentrate on common selling mistakes. A recent survey of Real Estate Agents by ActiveRain, identified the top Selling Mistakes by home owners. The number one mistake home owners make is overpricing their home. Homeowners set the price, not the real estate agent. Good real estate agents will make suggestions based on comparable home sales and market conditions, but the final price is set by the seller. Common reasons sellers overprice their homes include making the mistake of thinking they can test the market, thinking they might get more out of their home. This very seldom happens, buyers will compare like homes and buy the lower priced option. Other times, the seller is home proud thinking that improvements they make will return the same money they spent or more. Improvements, in general, should be made for the enjoyment of your home, while certain improvements will increase the value, rarely will you see significant increase in value. Another common reason for overpricing is sentimental value. Sellers feel an attachment to their home due to special memories, or items built by loved family members. The fact is, the value of your home is actually based on the number of available buyers in your market, the buyers’ perception of your property, its condition, location, financing options and economic conditions in your area. The adage, your home is worth what a willing and able buyer is willing to pay will always ring true. It’s important to remember the first few weeks after listing your home is generally the time when the most potential buyers will be exposed to the listing. Pricing aggressively around true market value is essential to selling your home.