In the last few articles, we have been talking about the most common mistakes sellers make that prevent their home from selling. Forth on the list is Unpleasant Odors. Nothing will kill the potential sell of your house faster than unpleasant odors. While it’s always a difficult topic to bring up with sellers, odors in your home, ranging from smoking to pet odor makes it almost impossible to keep a buyer interested. In the end, if you are serious about selling your home, taking steps to eliminate odors may help. Fifth on the list is the seller’s unwillingness to make needed repairs prior to listing their home. No seller wants to put a lot of money into their home if they are getting ready to sell it. The same holds true for buyers, no buyer wants to put a lot of money into repairs right after buying a home. Homes that need a lot of repairs eliminate a large pool of buyers’ right from the start. Making needed repairs or possibly offering credit at closing for making repairs could just help your home sell. Last, is unwillingness to negotiate. Buyers want to get the best deal and terms they can, so many will start with low-ball offers. Sellers are sometimes insulted by low offers but imagine yourself in the buyers place. Everyone wants to make a good deal. Very rarely does either party come out of a closing getting everything they wanted. Being realistic and willing to negotiate is essential in selling your home. Selling a home can be a difficult and daunting task. Keeping in mind these “deal killers” and being realistic about what it is going to take to sell your home might just put a sold sign in your yard. For more information on this article visit us at